Bentley Wins Luxury SUV Title – But Not For Its Looks!

It may be the ‘Ugly Betty’ of SUVs but the freshly updated Bentley Bentayga V8 has just won the Luxury SUV of the Year award.

Judges at 4×4 Magazine obviously weren’t interested in a beauty contest, focusing more on the £146,000 car’s prowess off-road, as well as the interior – which is remains a sublime place to sit.

Editor, Alan Kidd proclaimed: “We think the latest version of Bentley’s design language is far better suited to the Bentayga’s proportions. It now has the looks to go with the athleticism.”

Fortunately, the new exterior design is more appealing than the last. It will no doubt improve with age, just like the Porsche Cayenne. We think the newly launched Aston Martin DBX will give it a run for its money next year.