Desert Raid Porsche! Retro Rally Special

California-based, air-cooled specialists Singer have recreated a Porsche 911 rally car from the 1980s.

These are the first pictures of the outrageous-looking off-roader – a World Rally Championship-inspired competition machine that has been built to order for one lucky customer.

The All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) is Singer’s first attempt at a rally car and has been built at the firm’s UK satellite workshop in Oxfordshire.

A Porsche 911 was first raced in the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally and finished fifth. This reimagined version is jacked up on knobbly tyres for serious off-road use.

ACS is powered by a 3.6-litre, twin-turbo Porsche flat-six, with a retro dog-leg gearbox and 450bhp. Apart from a long-range fuel tank, it features a thoroughly modern GPS sat nav system and full FIA roll cage.

Singer founder, Rob Dickinson, explained to C&S: “So much of what we’ve done for the last decade has been inspired by Porsche’s competition success and the All-terrain Competition Study provides us the opportunity to showcase that idea literally and vividly.

“We are motorsport nerds in our hearts and demonstrating our understanding of the discipline required our off-road vision to display deeply legitimate competition credentials from the structural engineering, to the bodywork ethos, to the mechanical package.

“We’ve taken particular inspiration from the iconic Rothmans-sponsored 911 SC/RSs and 959s that conquered events like the Qatar International Rally and Paris-Dakar in the mid-‘80s and, at the request of our client, have reimagined these all-terrain 911’s in their honour, while utilizing fresh perspectives and state of the art know-how. “