Step 1: Click the button at the top “Sell Your Car FREE”.

Step 2: Select the package that best suits you.

  • Private Seller
  • Dealer Package Bronze
  • Dealer Package Silver
  • Dealer Package Gold

Step 3: Fill out your personal details here.

  • Make and Model
  • Description
  • Dealer Name (Dealer Package Only)
  • Dealer Address (Dealer Package Only)
  • Dealer Location (Dealer Package Only)
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Email

Step 4: Fill out the details about your car here.

  • Car Make & Model
  • Price
  • Body Type
  • Colour
  • Age
  • Mileage(miles)
  • Mileage(km)
  • Fuel Type
  • Gearbox
  • Warranty
  • Keywords
  • Video URL (Gold Dealer Package Only)
  • Main Image
  • Gallery Image
If you already own a package and wish to add another car to your account, then follow these steps below.

Step 1: Click the button t the top “Sell Your Car FREE”.

Step 2: Selecting current package

You will notice that on the packages you have already purchased it will say “Use Available Package” clicking this will allow you to add a new car to your account.

Step 1: Navigate to the top right to find your username this will drop down to a menu

You can navigate to different areas of your account from here or you can click “My Account” which will take you to your account dashboard.

Step 2: Your account dashboard

Once you have reached your account dashboard there is a few things you can now do. Using the navigation, you can:
  • View/edit all your current cars in the “My Listings” tab.
  • View cars you have saved and wish to look at again in the “Saved Cars” tab.
  • View your address on the “Addresses” tab.
  • View your payment details in the “payment methods” tab.
  • View/edit your account details in the “Account Details” tab.
  • View/edit packages you have active on your account in the “Packages” tab.
  • Logout using the “Logout” tab.

The “My Account” Tab is your account dashboard. You can also navigate around your account from here + add a new car to your account and see the latest news.

This section of your account dashboard allows you to see, how many cars you have published, how many have expired and give you the ability to edit/delete cars from your package(s).


You edit / delete a car from your package(s) very easily by either clicking edit / delete on the car of your choosing.

What package is my car on?

You can easily see which package a car is on at the about of each of the car block it will tell you exactly which package that car is on.

This section allows to to see exactly what package(s) you have active, when your package(s) renew and how much your package(s) cost per month.

The first thing you will see in this section is what packages you have active and the total cost per month.

You can see more information about a particular package by clicking the “View” button on your chosen package.


After clicking view you will see a more detailed breakdown of your chosen package.

  • Status
  • Start / End Date
  • Next Payment Date

You can also cancel, change the payment or renew an expired package