Outrageous New Lamborghini Revealed

These are the first official photographs of the stunning Lamborghini SC20 – a road legal open-top supercar that could have been created for he next Batman movie.

The Italian company says the SC20 their most extreme open car to date and who would argue? Created by the Squadra Corse racing division, it looks sensational

The eye-popping two-seater has been inspired by the GT racing series Huracan and the one-off Essenza SCV12, which previewed earlier in 2020.

The carbon fiber body was polished and slicked down by hand by the Lamborghini aerodynamic engineers to deliver optimal airflow for both performance and occupants.

A pronounced front splitter is framed by two fins and the air intakes on the front hood are inspired by those of the Huracan GT3 EVO, while the sculpted body sides reflect the solutions adopted on the Essenza SCV12.

The muscular rear is topped by a large carbon-fibre wing that can be set in three different positions: Low, Medium and High Load.

Spokesman Maurizio Reggiani, said: “The SC20 is a combination of sophisticated engineering, Italian craftsmanship, sportiness and advanced design. It is also an example of applying our V12 engine and carbon-fibre to a radical open-top vehicle that unmistakably carries the Lamborghini DNA.”

Its engine is based on Lamborghini’s flagship V12 – the 6,498cc aspirated twelve-cylinder.

Power is discharged by a four-wheel drive system with central electronic differential, and the Pirelli PZero Corsa tyres are mounted on single-nut aluminium rims.