Watch The Le Mans Ford GT40 In Action On The Track

The GT40 was a car born out of a biter motorsport grudge that was famously brought to life in the 2019 movie Ford v Ferrari.

When Enzo Ferrari snubbed an investment deal with Ford to create road and race cars in 1963, Henry Ford II set out to give the Italians a taste of their own medicine. Detroit built a car that dominated Le Mans and became a motorsport icon.

Ferrari had won every Le Mans from 1960-65 but that all changed when the 40-inch high GT40 lined up on the grid in 1966. Ford dominated the 24-hour event and took the honours until 1969.

If you want to watch a fleet of pre 1966 specification GT40s in action in the UK, two new Amon Cup races will take place this year, at Donington on May 1, and at Silverstone on October 31.

Oliver Hulme, from organisers Le Mans Coupes, said: “It is great that so many owners of original GT40s are still prepared to race them, despite their ever-increasing value.”

Original GT40s now sell for many hundreds of thousands of pounds but his company also build the Superformance replica – the only continuation car approved by the Shelby American Wold Registry and indistinguishable from the original.

Prices start from £145,000 for the rolling chassis option typically required by most race teams, making them more affordable to a broader range of competitors. Ready-to-race turnkey examples of the Superformance GT40 are also available upon request.